Stock count app (web app)

Stock count app (web app)

Enhanced Stock Count App for Vend

Vend provide powerful stock count function. But for some retail who has data collector from the previous POS System the old equipment is still useful as it can be integrated with Vend via Stock Count app developed by EISOL. You can perform stock count concurrently with multiple set of Data collector and upload the result to Stock Count web app and let it consolidate the result before upload to Vend Stock Count module.

Stock count app does not limit the model of data collector. You are free to use any model as long as the output files consists of the SKU (Barcode) and quantity. Stock count app is smart enough to aggregate the quantities of similar SKU for you, so you just need to dump the raw files from the scanner.

If you do not have a hardware scanner you can use mobile app that using your phone camera to read the barcode. For iOS, download here, for Android download here.

A. Navigate to Enhanced Stock Count App

B. Synchronise Vend Products

It is recommended that you initialise the product sync between Vend and Enhanced Stock Count App. This is to eliminate mismatch of SKU between Vend and Enhanced Stock Count App.

If you have not created any new product, you can skip the product sync
If SKU from the uploaded file(s) not exists in Vend, it will be omitted which could result in quantity mismatch on the Stock count result.
The Product SKU will start to sync as soon as you click on the Synchronize Products button. Please do not click the button multiple time.

C. Upload File(s)

One you have finished stock count and exported the counted result, you can start to upload the file(s) to Enhance Stock Count App with following steps.

1. Click on Upload file icon.

2a. Create Stock Count record.

2b. Enter the Stock Count Reference

2c. Select Stock Count outlet.

3. Choose Stock Count file and click Upload Stock count

If you have more than one file, repeat Step 2c and 3 and make sure Force insert SKUs already exists for multiple batch upload is CHECKED.

4. Select the recent Stock Count Ref record at the right table, and choose Submit to Vend

You can click on View Products to review the SKU and quantities before start Submit to Vend
The process to submit products to Vend may take up to 20 to 30 minutes depends on the number of SKU.

Done and Thank you.

Enhanced Stock Count App is part of EISOL Integration Services. Please visit EISOL Integration Services at for more details